Wavelink 5g microwave anechoic chamber successfully prepared

author: wavelink antenna

wavelink Adhering to the business philosophy of Kunshan wavelink electronics, we strive to become a well-known antenna design, manufacturing and solution provider in China, and make due contribution to the development of artificial intelligence and smart city. The company started to build microwave darkroom in 2020, and has successfully completed and passed the test this month. Microwave darkroom can be used to test microwave signal and debug product data of various antennas. This is a qualitative leap for Hisense electronics. Microwave darkroom will better help the company to develop more new products and improve the competitiveness of the company's products. We will continue to work hard to provide better products and high-quality services for our customers!

Microwave darkroom is mainly used for measurement of radiation radio disturbance (EMI) and radiation sensitivity (EMS). The size of microwave darkroom and selection of radio frequency absorbing materials are mainly determined by the external dimension and test requirements of EUT. The all radio chamber reduces the interference of the external electromagnetic wave signal to the test signal, and the electromagnetic wave absorbing material can reduce the multi-path effect caused by the reflection of the wall and ceiling on the test results, and is suitable for emission, sensitivity and immunity experiments. The free space can be simulated in the full radio chamber. Compared with other two test sites, the reflection of the floor, ceiling and wall of the whole anechoic chamber is small, and is less disturbed by the external environment, and is not affected by the external weather.wavelinkwavelink