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Wavelink Adhering to the business philosophy of Kunshan wavelink electronics, we strive to become a well-known antenna design, manufacturing and solution provider in China, and make due contribution to the development of artificial intelligence and smart city. The company started to build microwave darkroom in 2020, and has successfully completed and passed the test this month.
At present, electronic devices have selected built-in antennas for the appearance of antennas. That is to say, compared with external antennas, built-in antennas such as PCB antennas, FPC antennas, and LDS antennas have their own special advantages. The mainstream built-in antennas include PCB antennas, fpc antennas, and LDS antennas, but these three are not particularly different, and each has its own advantages and applications.
Wavelink new 5g band external high gain propeller antenna, new 5g antenna is widely used, excellent performance, sufficient supply, welcome to inquire!
The use of sucker antennas is very extensive. For example, vending machines, car radios, express cabinets, charging piles, etc., will use suction cup antennas. It can be seen that sucker antenna are deeply embedded in all aspects of people's daily life. Why are there more and more sucker antenna antennas, and what are the advantages of sucker antenna? What should I pay attention to when using them? Wavelink antennas will tell you what are the advantages of sucker antenna today?
The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games is already in the countdown, and all departments of the organizing committee are doing the final logistics support. Beijing is about to write history and become the first city to host both the summer Olympic Games and the Winter Olympic Games. The Beijing Winter Olympics will also bring the world together in the spirit of peace, friendship and unity.
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